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History of Balinese Banjar

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November 18, 2021
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Balinese culture is known to be unique when compared to other cultures. One of the cultural uniqueness possessed by the Balinese people is related to the Banjar. Banjar is known as a way of administrative division of territory that you can only find in Bali. This is a tangible manifestation of the government’s desire to preserve Balinese culture.

Banjar is known to have a function as a legal entity with certain territorial boundaries. Compared to other administrative positions, the Banjar has the same role as a community unit.

Banjar Functions in Bali

As already mentioned, the existence of banjars in Bali is still being maintained. The government also set a clear position for banjar. In addition, you also need to know that there are 2 functions of the banjar whose existence is regulated by Balinese government regulations. The two functions are:

Banjar Dinas

This Banjar is a unit in charge of carrying out administrative activities related to the government. You can find the process of making ID cards, health cares, or voting activities for regional or presidential elections at Banjar Dinas.

Banjar Adat

Banjar adat is a unit that specifically carries out its function in dealing with matters relating to traditional activities. They will arrange for a variety of traditional Balinese performances which in the procurement are intended as rituals.

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