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Pondok madu serves the best pork ribs BBQ in Bali

It’s been years that we established our restaurant. At initial phase, we might covered Ubud area, as the time goes by, our brand has recognition across the island. As our restaurant theme, our pork ribs bbq selections has struck to our customer hearts. Here are some reviews list that we have captured which make our heart burst from the gratitude. These reviews are taken from many sources, online and offline sources:

Daniel W

Ordered Spicy Pork Ribs Madu (Honey) and it was so tender, juicy, and delicious.  It was served with condiments (very tasty potato wedges and some vegetables that looked like cucumber salad).Other dishes on the menu looks delicious as well, can’t wait to try them another time.

Ralph Pattterson

The meal was prepared quickly, and the staff fast and friendly.  We had a pesky fly, and the waitress was fast to deliver a candle to our table.  The waitress is not only courteous, but she also helped with our family photo.  High mentions for our waitress, she went above and beyond, exceeding expectations. The restaurant was very clean and the staff was was punctual in clearing and cleaning the table.

I am very reserved in giving five star ratings; relative to other barbecue places, including Australia, Indonesia and the United States, this place is well worth your time to visit and has well earned this rating. We look forward to visiting again.  If you are reading this review you won’t be disappointed.

Unlike the other reviewer, more sauce please!

Tri Darmadi

Best Pork Rib BBQ with Nusantara touch, like Sambal Matah, Pedas Manis, Sambal Hijau. For me and my famz, we try Complete Pork Rib Sambal Matah with potato wedges and spicy kangkung plecing on the side, Complete Pork Rib Pedas Manis with potato wedges and salad, and Iga Ramen, all of this so blowing your mind, nice taste, soft and juicy pork, magnificent.

Jonathan Santino

Really nice place to eat, cheap and tasty food. All the service people were kind and helpfully. Sry was the manager and she was friendly and kind. Recomendable place.

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