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Everything You Need to Know about Ubud Pork Ribs

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June 12, 2021
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Ubud Pork Ribs are Finger-Licking!

Ubud may be a perfect culinary city for foodies. Ranging from 5-star hotels to street eateries, you can find various kinds of dishes. One of which is Ubud pork ribs. Before visiting the best places to taste the food, read on to understand the basics of pork ribs.

Type of Pork Ribs

People can have their own preferences for the best cut of pork ribs, but here are four popular options to pick:

  • Spareribs – the long cuts that come from the belly and have the least amount of meat.
  • St. Louis-style ribs – similar to spare ribs, but trimmed further to get fattier meat.
  • Back ribs – comes from the loin or the muscle on the pig’s back near the spine.
  • Country-style ribs – comes from the shoulder and has the most meat among other pork ribs.

How to Prepare Pork Ribs

To get the most of its flavor, you need to prepare pork ribs properly. After removing the meat from the package, rinse under cold water and dry it gently. Then, remove any excess fat or trimmings.

When you find it clean, remove the outer membrane. Make sure the bones facing up and start slicing on one end of the rib rack using a small knife. After freeing up a small section, pull the top membrane away.

If you want to split the rack, cut along the edge between the bone and meat. Then, start cooking the ribs.      

The Taste of Balinese Pork Ribs

Pork ribs you eat in Bali generally carry the taste of local taste, including Balinese or Indonesian recipes. No wonder you often see pork ribs with sambal matah, sambal hujau, or Balinese coconut sauce.  

Ubud pork ribs are also mixed with international recipes as there are many expatriates in Bali. In this case, you will see pork ribs with BBQ, pomegranate, or Coca-Cola sauce.

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