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The Best BBQ Pork Ribs In Bali

Quality Foods

Our concern is to maintain qualified dishes as a desire of us to give our customers a great experience for having the best BBQ pork ribs in Bali. We are totally selective; herbs, spices and fresh cut pork ribs are well considered. We choose local pork as our support to local cattlemen to keep providing us qualified pork. Food quality for us is about being consistent with the size, shape, color, texture, how it looks and the taste of the dishes we serve, especially pork ribs.

Original Recipes

It takes 8 - 10 hours long to process the best BBQ pork ribs in Bali. Cooking with firewood might sound traditional; however it can produce soft and tender pork texture. Healthy traditional coconut oil has been used for ages in Bali which becomes our right choice to be combined with our own recipes. We keep offering our customers a great experience of having the best BBQ local pork ribs in Bali by presenting various taste such as original BBQ, Sambal Matah, Pedas Manis, Bumbu Bali, Sambal Hijau and many more.

Delivery service Ubud area

Deliveries must be in and around the Ubud area only

We Are Legend

We do not only make the best BBQ pork ribs in Bali. We do make people’s happy. Warung Pondok Madu's core value is that ribs have to be special, and we bring that belief into everything we do.

 Moments Excitement are our purposes. The flavor we present and the innovation we create make everything possible. To let our team member’s potential grows is the most important thing.

My name is Sri and my husband is Ketut, started warung Pondok Madu, I was a waitress and my husband was the cook, served five tables with full of love in 2016. We finally had to add more seats and moved to bigger place as our customer kept increasing.

As the owner my husband and I have experienced for more than 10 years in hospitality industry. we know the principles of giving service very well, and set the trends. Our core value is to be proud of being able to serve and deliver the dishes we make, and to show the customer smile, love, comport and treat them like home. No matter what, we keep ensuring each meal our customer enjoy meet their satisfaction and one of the kind. 


We went here every single day of our stay in Ubud because the food is just amazing. So far the best restaurant we have been to!

Rajiven Ragunathan - Google Reviews

Had the ribs and some of the best I’ve ever had at very reasonable prices. Would highly recommend!

Kevin Williams - Google Reviews

I ate so well. It was one of the best local food I had in Bali. I ate the original bbq, nasi goreng, caesar salad and happy hour cocktail 2+1 and came out 484k. Those who want to be strong by eating meat should come.

성병주 - Google Reviews

Fantastic food and variety of flavors .everything on the menu are great quality

THOTH - Google Reviews

Staff are very friendly
Regarding kindness, the restaurant itself seems to be well managed.

Food is very tasty and prices are low
I ordered a set with Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng and Pork Ribs.
I ordered the vegetable stir-fry as a side, and the two of them ate it very well.

최영대 - Google Reviews

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Not just a Ribs, but where the people feel's happy

Something From the Blog

And yes, we’re make the ribs . But we’re also human people, we lead with our hearts,we believe in Karma ,we believe in giving back to the global community. Join us, welcome to Our Blog!

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