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Pork Ribs Favourite menu in 2021

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February 16, 2022
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2021 might not be a perfect year due the Covid pandemic. Many plans were putted on hold or maybe even, were cancelled. But that don’t mean that 2021 is the worst. There were some good moments to remember in 2021. This was applied in our restaurant as well. There are a few of pork ribs selections menu that are very popular in 2021. These are the list:

Original Pork Ribs BBQ

Grilled local pork ribs served self-made BBQ Sauce (Pondok Madu style). The menu is the origin of our very pork ribs delicacies. For those that worships originalities and purities, this menu is worth to try.

Pork Ribs Pedas Manis

Smoked local pork Ribs served with hot & sweet coriander sauce. This menu provide you with two dominant taste of hot spicy and sweet taste in the same time. As spicy and sweet combination is very popular in Indonesia.

Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs

Grilled local pork ribs served self-made spiciy BBQ Sauce. This item could give you a kick, but that is the interesting part of it. Tender BBQ pork ribs and spicy sauce are true definition of sexy.

Pork Ribs Bumbu Madu

Pork ribs served with spicy honey sauce. The spread of honey will make the pork ribs softer and more permeable to the inside of the pork ribs. Plus the aroma that is presented from the honey pork ribs is able to arouse the taste buds.

Balinese Sauce Pork Ribs

Smoked Pork ribs served with balinese coconut sauce. This special spice in addition to having many benefits from the ingredients, also provides a strong taste. What’s more, you can add this seasoning to almost any dish.

We hope there is another story in 2022 too! We believe there are interesting stuffs await!

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