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4 Bali BBQ Restaurants You Have to Try!

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November 22, 2020
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Bali BBQ is the Best Food for Hanging Out with Friends and Family!

Yes, no wonder the Bali BBQ restaurants are spread out across Bali. The chewy meat and full-bodied sauce melt in our mouth. Do not forget the grilling sensation that creates warmth in our heart and belly. In case you want to experience that excitement, feel free to check these restaurants out!

1.    In Ubud: Warung Pondok Madu

When you come to Ubud, you have to visit Warung Pondok Madu! It serves the best BBQ local pork in Ubud because it is processed with traditional firewood. The method makes the pork soft and tender, especially when it is accompanied by healthy coconut oil. Come to Jalan Jatayu Tebesaya to taste the real BBQ.

2.    In Kuta: Magal Korean BBQ

If the local taste does not match your appetite, try Magal Korean BBQ in Kuta. The spot is located at Jalan Raya Kuta 105, near Kuta Central Parking. You can choose a beef and pork barbecue set or Galmaegi Combo when you want to eat both kinds of meat. Let’s go grilling your own meat!

3.    In Nusa Dua: Mr. Bob Bar and Grill

Mr. Bob Bar and Grill will be a great place to taste BBQ in Nusa Dua. They have been open since September 2016, and continue grilling every day from 1-10 PM. This restaurant serves Indonesian to Western BBQ, with a specialty in BBQ ribs. Visit their place at Jalan Nusa Dua No. 60, Benoa, Badung.

4.    In Seminyak: Boy N Cow

Boy N Cow claims themselves to be the first meat boutique in Bali, they present a steakhouse along with a cocktail lounge at the heart of Seminyak. This Bali BBQ restaurant has a unique method that is leaving the meat to age for 28 days! It makes the beef more tender and high-qualified.

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