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Bali and Pork BBQ

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February 16, 2022
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Bali is well-known with its variety of pork delicacies. As in Bali, the people in Bali are so close with pork delicacies, especially with pork BBQ. Hindus in Bali use pork bbq as an offering or ceremonial means. You see, pork bbq symbolizes fertility and prosperity. However, due to the development of the times, population growth, and increasing food needs, pork bbq has begun to become public consumption.

People also think of pork bbq as a high-commodity food. Because, there are many vendors who improve their economic level by selling pork bbq.  Tourists who come to Bali, often hunt for Balinese pork bbq as their favorite culinary.

Myth in Bali regarding Pork

Killing pigs that will be cooked into babi guling is not done carelessly. However, this is done by stabbing the pig’s throat with a sharp machete and penetrating its lower body, then the blood will flow profusely and be accommodated in a container and then used as Lawar (Another Balinese delicacies). Lawar is a mixture of vegetables and minced meat that are seasoned evenly. The blood in the meat also gives it a delicious taste. if left in the air, Lawar  only lasts for half a day.

Where to find pork BBQ?

The area in Bali that has the most pork guling is Gianyar. There, on average, traders can roll pork for up to 8 hours on firewood charcoal. No wonder if the delicacy is more pronounced and the meat is more tender.

As if you want specific pork ribs bbq, you can visit Ubud, a part of Gianyar it self. You can visit us, Warung Pondok Madu, our restaurant that served pork ribs bbq.

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