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Balinese Tumpek Landep

Tumpek Landep is celebrated every six months (210 days) based on the Balinese calendar system. On this day it is a moment to purify sharp and sharp-pointed objects which are generally made of metal. Tumpek Landep is a moment of worship of the Hindu God in its manifestation as Sang Hyang Shiva Pasupati. According to him, Sang Hyang Shiva Pasupati is a symbol of intelligence and precision.

Intelligence and accuracy in thinking is very necessary so that humans can be mawiweka or have wisdom or the ability to weigh right and wrong or good and bad. Generally, the objects that are ceremonial during Tumpek Landep are made of metal and are included in the category of traditional weaponry tools such as keris, spears, swords, knives, and others. In the tradition of an agrarian society, Tumpek Landep is an auspicious day for celebrating various agricultural tools.

Later, various technological product devices with metal elements were also celebrated at Tumpek Landep. Starting from motorbikes, cars, televisions, computers, and so on. These technological products are celebrated because they are considered to have helped facilitate human life activities.