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September 2, 2021
Why You Should Eat Bali Street Food? Yes, there are thousands of high-end restaurants in Bali, but you will never find the true taste of Bali until you eat Bali street food. They are classics, affordable, and rich in flavor. In this article, we will show you five street foods in Bali you should try. […]
September 2, 2021
More Often, Bali Sea Agriculture Doesn’t Get Enough Spotlight You may know Bali from its beautiful beaches. But, Bali sea agriculture also has much potential. Bali Island’s coastline is around 470 kilometers, and it should have rich resources inside. Hopefully, this industry can be a great alternative to generate more income outside tourism. Here are […]
September 2, 2021
Subak is More Than a Balinese Agriculture Organization! One of the main drivers of Indonesia’s economy is agriculture, including in Bali. And like other places in Indonesia, Balinese agriculture also demonstrates its own uniqueness in the form of Subak. Discover the detailed story of Subak in Bali below. The Philosophy The Balinese farming system is […]
In our Warung Pondok Madu, even some of the ingredients are skyrocketing on prices during these times, we are totally selective; herbs, spices and fresh cut pork ribs are well considered. We choose local pork as our support to local cattlemen to keep providing us qualified pork. Food quality for us is about being consistent with the size, shape, color, texture, how it looks and the taste of the dishes we serve, especially pork ribs.
n Ubud, during these times, some of the resorts, villas, and even restaurants are striving to survive while waiting the border opens up soon. Resorts and villas are issuing some deals package in order to attract locals and domestic tourists.
In 2021, it’s likely even more of us are willing to go near distances for that eat-like-a-local dining experience and still, Ubud, is still the representative of authentic culinary town in Bali. Especially during these Covid-19 pandemic, you would think Ubud is the one of the proper spot in the island to ease your mind and relax a bit.
Ubud Outdoor Restaurant Instagramable Recommendations that You Must Visit! Not only its distinctive local art, but Ubud also has beautiful and calming scenery to enjoy. Therefore, the best way to make the most of its is visiting Ubud outdoor restaurant. There are many options for restaurants with a view, but these offer you the most […]
Ubud is one familiar word when you think of Bali instantly.  This major tourism attraction in Asia has became the new icon of spiritual tourism landmark. The beauty of nature, the arts, and the peaceful atmosphere make many people fall in love with this place. This upland town is best known as the island’s artistic […]
Ubud is recognized one of the most popular Balinese attractions spot. Being in the heart of Gianyar’s main must-see-tourism-space, Ubud is blended with gifted natural surroundings, preserved Balinese culture, strong and long-running Balinese local monarchy system, and sacred and holy Balinese vibe. There are some reasons to visit Ubud. The most popular answers are because […]