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Buy meat from Local Farmer

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January 3, 2022
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When you buy food directly from a farmer, you support local and global food supplies as well as businesses and families in your community. Buying meat and other food products from local farms, whether small or large, allows you to truly connect with your community and your local food sources. Lastly, producers are always willing to educate buyers about their products and operations. Our business as well, has been buying our pork ribs to the local farmer directly, as Bali’s farmers produce 175 190,00 tonnes in 2020.

The other benefits are our pork ribs is sourced from animals that have been reared on beautiful Balinese lush, natural pastures. Eating meat from animals that themselves have only eaten a natural diet of grass, wildflowers, clovers and legumes, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and untainted by chemicals and pesticides, makes a whole lot of sense. It’s a healthy choice to make. We believe strongly that small-scale farming is better for the farmer, the animal, the local ecology, and for you – producing exceptionally tasting, ethically reared meat that you can trust completely.

A lot gets written and talked about when it comes to making nutritional or sustainability claims about food production. Farming is as old as the hills but the way in which our food has been produced changed dramatically with the advent of mechanised, industrial farming on a large-scale. That has brought some pretty adverse consequences to our environment and wildlife and, most likely, our health.

Put simply, eating 100% grass-fed (or pasture fed), outdoor-reared, free range meat, poultry and game is better for us, the animals and helps to support a more biodiverse, natural, ecology.

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