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Unique Ubud BBQ style

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November 18, 2022
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Wherever you travel, you are going to find someone doing something exciting with meat and burning logs. However, as with everything, there are apprentices, and then there are masters. The best BBQ is a magical thing. It might be the most basic cooking method we have, but the blackened char and smokey blanket imbued by burning wood deliver one of the most delicious experiences you can ever experience at dinner.

Unique method of cooking

Balinese cuisine is a melting pot of spices, cooking methods, and traditions from its population. We are combining the philosophy of Balinese cuisine with traditional BBQ grilling method. We are using woodfire BBQ method that cooked overnight. The BBQ gets flavor and aroma from the addition of wood in the form of wood chips, chunks, bisquettes, pellets, logs, or sawdust. When heated, they make smoke. Smoke can also come from meat drippings, which are laden with fat, protein, spices, and sugars.

Unique flavor of BBQ

Pork ribs you eat in Pondok Madu generally carry the taste of local taste, including Balinese or Indonesian recipes. No wonder you often see pork ribs with sambal matah, sambal hujau, or Balinese coconut sauce.

Our grilled ribs are the menu most favored by customers, with a soft meat texture, BBQ seasoning that permeates perfectly into the meat combined with fried rice, vegetables or fried potatoes.