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3 Popular Bali Sea Agriculture Productions

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September 2, 2021
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More Often, Bali Sea Agriculture Doesn’t Get Enough Spotlight

You may know Bali from its beautiful beaches. But, Bali sea agriculture also has much potential. Bali Island’s coastline is around 470 kilometers, and it should have rich resources inside. Hopefully, this industry can be a great alternative to generate more income outside tourism.

Here are some of the Potentials of Bali’s Mariculture

·         Fish Farming

The potential of Bali’s fish farming alone is actually 147,278 tons each year. The fisheries production in the Bali sea includes shrimp, tuna, lemuru or local sardine, and mackerel tuna. One of the fish farming products that successfully reach the export market is snapper. This fish generated $9,35 million in 2015. The Balinese also pays attention to decorative fish potential as the island serves as a great habitat for this kind of fish.

Recently, Buleleng, Bali also develops lobster farming. The fishermen create certain techniques so that the lobsters can live five meters under sea level. It’s no wonder they find a way to succeed because North Bali is Bali’s center of the mariculture industry.

These products are mostly exported. For instance, grouper is sold to Hong Kong, milkfish is exported to Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Australia also becomes Bali’s trading partner.

·         Pearl Oyster

Another major mariculture in Bali is pearl farming. One of the well-known companies managing this sector is Atlas Pearl, located in North Bali. After the oysters grow big enough, the farmers will implant the pearl nucleus. Then, the products will be transported across Indonesia.

·         Seaweed

In 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the tourism industry, some Bali citizens started to return to seaweed farming.

The center of the seaweed farming industry in Bali is Nusa Lembongan, an island in Southeast Bali. Although the income isn’t as big as the tourism industry, this Bali sea agriculture product can provide an income of up to $400 per month.

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