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Balinese BBQ at It’s Finest

While this year has been devastating for restaurants, Balinese barbecue remains as resilient and exciting as ever. We’re celebrating the people and places that are hanging on, spectacularly.

Balinese barbecue can be defined quite well by what it is not, just as easily as the other way around. It is most definitely about the meat, and whoever is patiently working the pit. They will not feel compelled to feed thousands, sticking rather to what can be comfortably prepared each day at the highest level of quality. When it’s gone, it is gone, and that’s absolutely fine—there’s always another day.

A quote of an experience is that the best barbecue tends to happen before the lunch hour. If there’s much left after that, you might not be at the right place. The peak experiences, the ones people will never forget, always seem to involve some kind of a wait, in lines that will form before the place even opens. That is sometimes occurring in our place, Warung Pondok Madu.

Or they did, anyway, until this year, when everything changed. By now, we’re all well aware of the crisis facing the restaurant industry. And while running any kind of small business right now is heavy going, we are still open to serve you with our finest Balinese BBQ recipes. To preserve the authentic Balinese BBQ traditions, as well to survive the business ourselves.

In our Warung Pondok Madu, even some of the ingredients are skyrocketing on prices during these times, we are totally selective; herbs, spices and fresh cut pork ribs are well considered. We choose local pork as our support to local cattlemen to keep providing us qualified pork. Food quality for us is about being consistent with the size, shape, color, texture, how it looks and the taste of the dishes we serve, especially pork ribs.

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