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Lawar, the traditional Balinese dishes

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November 18, 2021
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Being one of the typical Balinese foods, Balinese lawar recipes are often sought after by regional culinary lovers. Food that has a look that is not much different from this mixture has its own characteristics, namely the combination of sweet, sour, savory, and spicy flavors that can be enjoyed in one mouthful. No wonder this food is the choice of some people.

Lawar is a dish in the form of a mixture of vegetables and evenly seasoned minced meat originating from Bali. This food is commonly served in households in Bali or sold widely in restaurants as Balinese lawar. Lawar is made from minced meat, vegetables, some spices and coconut. Lawar itself can not survive long this food if left in the open air only lasts half a day.

Naming varies, usually based on the type of meat used or the type of vegetables. If pork is used, the lawar produced is called Lawar Celeng. Likewise, if jackfruit vegetables are used, the lawar is called Lawar Nangka. There is also a name given based on the color of the lawar, namely Lawar Barak if the color of the lawar is red, Lawar Putih if the color of the lawar is white and there is a lawar called Lawar Pademare, which is a type of lawar made from a mixture of several types of lawar. Lawar is served as a friend of rice along with other types of side dishes

Lawar, varies from one area to another in Bali. For example: the lawar of Tabanan and Karangasem may be slightly different, the lawar of Gianyar and Buleleng is also somewhat different.

In Badung and Gianyar, for example, some may use a mixture of long beans. While in Buleleng it is not, the vegetables themselves are made separately—called “jejeruk”—which are usually made from young jackfruit and young beans.

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