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Special Recipe pork ribs bbq from warung pondok madu

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February 16, 2022
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As our restaurant theme, our pork ribs bbq selections has struck to our customer hearts. But behind of that, there are several secrets that make our pork ribs bbq recipe astonishingly specials. It might sounds exaggerating, but these are the secret:

  1. Long process of cooking

It takes 8 – 10 hours long to process the best BBQ pork ribs in Bali. Cooking with firewood might sound traditional; however it can produce soft and tender pork texture.

  • The use of Balinese traditional coconut oil

Healthy traditional coconut oil has been used for ages in Bali which becomes our right choice to be combined with our own recipes.

  • The use of fresh ingredients and spices

We use fresh herbs and spices from local farmers. The pork also comes from local cattle. It would help us to give the customer fresh and qualified dishes. Also this would help local community of farmers and cattlemen grow.

  • The combination of local sauce / sambal

We keep offering our customers a great experience of having the best BBQ local pork ribs in Bali by presenting various taste such as original BBQ, Sambal Matah, Pedas Manis, Bumbu Bali, Sambal Hijau and many more.

Those list we believe would give the customer more eating experience, so it would bring more value both to the customer, us and the local community. Our special recipe pork ribs hopefully provide you the best taste as well the best memoir of Bali in mind.

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